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In partnership with Yellow Tail Tech, Pro Core Plus offers a year of technical apprenticeship to select students where the apprentice will be expected to close 100+ tickets. The apprentice will be exposed to:


An enterprise level VPN used in order to access our infrastructure.

Fortinet firewall

The pioneer of secure networking, delivering flawless convergence that can scale to any location: remote office, branch, campus, data center and cloud.


One of the most used hypervisors on the market. This where we host our virtual machines.


Our identity management system which is a centralized system where we manage users, groups, and others access. There is no more need for creating local users or groups.

Active Directory

A directory service developed by Microsoft for Windows domain networks. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services.


A configuration management system developed by Redhat. The apprentice will be exposed to ansible ad-hoc commands, ansible playbooks which will help them push configurations to remote servers.


The most used version control system in the IT industry. At Pro core plus, this is where we manage, and store our codes, scripts, playbooks, and our web contents.


Our monitoring system tool, this is where we monitor our system's resources.


For redundancy Pro Core Plus uses a second monitoring system tool.


Our Vulnerability Scanner. Our mission is making sure that our infrastructure stays secure and up-to-date. With this tool we scan our servers and make sure there are no holes for hackers to exploit.


Our backup management system . At Pro core plus we offer a 99.99% uptime commitment to our clients and make sure all the necessary data is backed up in case of data loss.


Our patch management system, this is where we patch our servers and push deployment codes.


Our ticketing system, This is where tasks will be assigned to the apprentice.

CentOS | Red Hat OS

A Linux Distribution that provides a free community-supported computing platform functionality compatible with its upstream source Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).


A log management software company based in Houston, Texas.

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