5 Things to Consider When a Well-Liked Employee Leaves

Having a friend at work is pretty cool, you have someone you can talk to about company issues, a person you can diss with when another employee pisses you off, and someone you can go to lunch with and oftentimes have drinks together on Fridays. You interact with your workmates more or less 5 days a week so it’s quite possible that you have established a good relationship with them, but what happens when they leave? As a manager, how can you manage the impact of a well-liked employee’s departure?

Here are five important things to consider when faced with an employee who has decided to depart from their position:

1. Create transparency. Share the relevant information with the consent of the resigning party so the employees will be aware of what’s going to happen in the future. This will also give them time to adjust to the workload that the employee will leave.

2. Have a transition plan. Having a transition strategy that takes into account everyone who works with and for a departing coworker is important, especially if there is still no one who can fill in the position. When this happens an employee who works closely with the leaving employee might take in a few tasks which may add to his or her workload. That’s why having a designated date for the employee to leave is important as this will allow the company to hire a new person that’s fit for the position and is ready to take on the tasks left behind.

3. Congratulate them on a new opportunity. It’s natural to be sad and upset when a coworker leaves. But it’s also important to show appreciation for the person who goes on to do great things elsewhere. Congratulating a coworker that leaves for his or her new opportunity is a great way to let them know your appreciation for their hard work and contributions. It’s important to recognize the person for their efforts and accomplishments, but also for what they will bring to the company. You can have a company farewell party for the employee, a heartfelt farewell confirms that the parting is peaceful and lets the departing employee know how much they’ve been valued.

4. Check on your employee’s social dynamic. The importance of checking on your employee’s social dynamic is a must when a coworker leaves your company. You should make sure that their replacement has the proper skills and experience to perform their job. Try to find out what kind of personality would work well with your current employees. Make sure that your new employee is able to work with others and communicate effectively with other employees at the company. This is especially important if they will be working closely with customers or clients.

5. Keep in touch with the employee. While it may seem like nothing has changed for you as an employer, this small gesture will allow the former employee to feel valued as an employee. There will also be no awkward situations once you and your old employee meet at conventions, conferences, or any event outside of work.

Although some employees may find it difficult to process an emotional departure, the management needs to make sure that they are aware that their colleague is departing on good terms. A coworker or good friend leaving can have a negative impact, so it’s extremely important to focus on maintaining a positive work environment even when one of your long-time employees leaves. It’s also important to remember that employees are not always leaving because they don’t like their job, they may be leaving for personal reasons such as needing to come back home to help care for their sick family member or to relocate and find a job closer to home. In this case, the decision is entirely out of the employee’s control and the best thing the company can do is wish them well in their future endeavors and offer assistance if possible.

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